Riley is our "stud" and our goofiest and best buddy. He is a sweetheart, very loving, and a good boy. He looks like a full size aussie in a mini package, He's a large mini, red merle with bright copper and 2 bright blue eyes. His sire is from Bluebell Hollow. He LOVES tennis balls and fetching, he's very athletic. His puppies are gorgeous.

Riley is clear by parentage for PRA/PRCD, DM, HC, and MDR1.

Our Females


Garnet is a very pretty girl. She is very loyal and loving to her family, but she doesnt like strangers.

Garnet is a large mini around 16", weighing 36 lbs. She's a beautiful glossy black tri with rich copper and a large white collar. Her dam is a BET. She's very stocky and heavy boned and she has a nice thick coat. She embodies the look and spirit of the aussie in a small package. 

Garnet produces some nice colorful pups in a range of sizes including toy.


Bear was a very shy puppy who wanted to hide under the coffee table at first. Since that time she has come a long way. She still has some progress to make, but she loves her "person" and she has relaxed quite a bit. She is still cautious of strangers though. 

Bear is a nice and stocky small-sized mini around 14-15". She's a very cute black tri with rich copper and a white snout, and half a blue eye.  

Bear produces some very nice looking and good natured pups.

We May Have Pups on Occasion From:



Wilson is a large toy blue merle with two blue eyes. He has a big white collar and white legs, and a thick fluffy coat. He has a tiny bit of copper and he is red factored. His height is around 13 1/2" and he weighs 18-19 lbs.

He is very intelligent, loving, loyal and playful. He is obsessed with toys, mainly squeeky plush possums, and he loves playing kick ball! All puppies so far have inherited his fun, outgoing, and loving nature. We really love him.

Riley has taken over breeding duties but we will possibly have Wilson x Ruby pups in the future.

Ruby is a tiny toy girl full of personality. We got her from Spring Valley Aussies in Arkansas.  She loves to run and play and she can keep up with the bigger dogs.  She's very friendly and craves attention.

Ruby is a mid sized toy at around 12 1/2" weighing 14 lbs. She's a red-factored black tri with a partial white collar and a white blaze on her chest and face, dark eyes and stocky build. Her trim is blonde rather than copper. 

Ruby is mainly a pet, and has produced a small number of pups with Wilson.

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